Testing the hard stuff: writing tests for things you can't test


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Anonymous at 11:47 on 18 Apr 2015

Your talk covered some good material, but you assumed a lot of knowledge on the part of the audience. You never defined some acronyms and made very unclear references to specific functionality across a number of systems. (i.e., you discussed reflection for several minutes, but never defined it.) More people will be able follow if you take the time to introduce some of the concepts and spell out the details of what you are covering.

This was some great information on testing the more difficult parts of applications. Thank you, Matt.

Anonymous at 12:53 on 18 Apr 2015

Good content and knowledgeable speaker. Too ambitious in the amount of material you are covering. By the end, it felt like you were just going through a list to get through the items.. Felt like you were speaking at us rather than engaging us.

A good broad overview of the problems inherent in testing "the hard stuff"
Are the slides or examples going to be available? I couldn't find.