The Things Your Application Does While You're Not Looking


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Very good information.

Great Talk! This was well delivered and full of information. I highly recommend this to anyone delivering code.

We just use logging trivially, and don't do any stats. This was a great introduction to some of the benefits we could get by doing more with them, as well as making first steps very approachable. Will definitely be digging into that info with my team.

Great talk. Lots of good information on what to log, how, and, most importantly, how to best leverage the information you've collected.

I missed the talk but caught the slides

This identified some great things I know I need to add to my applications
Great information!

This talk was excellent, I got a lot out of it. My only suggestion is maybe to speed up the explanation about the different levels of logging (info, alert, etc), as it felt a little long and redundant there. That probably could have been cut in half.
Otherwise very very good :)

I felt too much time was spent on the alert levels.

Great talk, would recommend. As mentioned, a little less time on log levels could allow for a little more time spent in stat collection and perhaps log parsing strategies.

I took a lot out of this talk. Seeing the various tools that are used by a company every day to monitor their code was helpful. Lots of examples, and recommended paid-for services that can help make this easier to manage/setup. Interesting to see how easy it is to send metrics down UDP and see near-real-time graphing of the metrics.

Anonymous at 19:07 on 26 Apr 2015