Your Inner Sysadmin


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This session functioned really nicely for me as an introduction to tools I should know but don't. It didn't go too far in depth on any tool or option (though the stuff on jailing users was a little deeper, which was appropriate because it was complicated) - that seems fine to me since we should all have rudimentary Google skills.

I think Chris did a nice job of pacing - just a little rushed at the end - good vocal projection - solid slides. Good job of answering questions, good job keeping attendees engaged.

@J.T. Sorry about the speedup at the end! 3 hours in a bunch of time, but it always gets a little weird the second half of the talk depending on what questions got asked. If you have any questions, feel free to bug me online!

Anonymous at 21:08 on 17 Apr 2015

Great talk!

Great tutorial, thanks Chris. I appreciated the clear explanation of basics like Linux directory structure, and the pace was good as we moved into more advanced tools. The live demonstrations were also very helpful.

Very good session, it was very easy to follow along and get great notes from the tutorial. It covered 'just enough' of everything Linux related, good tool suggestions and slides to back things up.