Demystifying OAuth2: an Understandable Way to Approach Connecting to Other Systems


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Taylor Otwell at 15:46 on 8 Apr 2016

Talk was well prepared and well delivered. Great introduction to OAuth2 for people new to the standard. Good, thorough overview.

Mark Priddy at 08:46 on 9 Apr 2016

Loved this talk.

Some better discussion of the purpose and interaction between the two codes that the provider gives you.

Thanks for the 100 grand!

Excellent overview of what oauth(2) is and how it works from a client perspective - excellent speaker and good slides

The one suggestion I would give is to maybe dig a little deeper into oauth from a provider prospective as well as a consumer, and also discuss some of the shortcomings of oauth with things like non-web clients (phone app that consumes apis, for example) and some of the ways you can mitigate these shortcomings

Carlos Copto at 10:49 on 9 Apr 2016

Great introduction and explanation of the purpose of oAuth2, I would recommend to go deeper into the provider point of view and maybe common mistakes when you try to implement it in your system.

Anna M. at 11:55 on 9 Apr 2016

Joseph's a very good speaker, and he laid out the whole concept and implementation of OAuth2 in a very understandable way. I appreciated his use of examples breaking it down into concepts that beginners to pros could understand.