Docker For Developers


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Kyle Schatzle at 11:47 on 7 Apr 2016

Very informative and practical.

Sean Fraser at 11:48 on 7 Apr 2016

Great overview of the software tool, its usage, and the pros and cons to the various tooling.

Darren Ehlers at 13:00 on 7 Apr 2016

Great talk...exactly what I was hoping for!

Great talk by a very good speaker!

I can't wait to start applying this to my workflow.
I had read a lot on Docker but it was still murky waters to me.
Now this was a very good explanation.

This is my first year attending LSPHP and didn't know what to expect.
I really enjoyed this speaker and his presentation of how a developer can integrate it into their workflow. I'll definitely be adding docker to my development workflow.

Chris at 21:05 on 7 Apr 2016

As someone who played with Docker/Dokku in the last year, I found this to be a very good overview. It would have saved me hours of tinkering and reading. The last hour covered tools that I had not begun to play with yet, so it was useful to me as well.

David Hibler at 09:06 on 8 Apr 2016

Excellent presentation that covers Docker from the basics of just running a container to build one. Very worthwhile.

Gary Hockin at 10:21 on 9 Apr 2016

Great info, well presented.

Eric Poe at 10:34 on 11 Apr 2016

A nice intro to Docker with some good caveats. I had no idea about Rancher.