Is Your API Misbehaving?


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Ryan Scott at 16:01 on 7 Apr 2016

Both amusing and informative, it was a great step by step walk through of testing an API with Behat.

Anonymous at 23:56 on 7 Apr 2016

I really appreciated understading the why of everything and how it fits together. Having Github as a starting point was useful because I'm familiar with it but I want to see the Gitlab version too. It seems like that will be a better tool for me.

Great talk, lots of great information infused with humor. I highly recommend to everyone.

Fast paced well presented concise intro to Behat and BDD.

Aaron Eaton at 10:50 on 10 Apr 2016

Great intro to Behat. Drove home the idea that we need to focus on how the user experiences what we create.