PHP Foundations


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Anonymous at 19:10 on 7 Apr 2016

Ben you did a awesome job. Thanks for going into detail and explaining things well.

Jason Oeltjen at 13:16 on 10 Apr 2016

Good fundamentals / foundation but I feel like execution of the presentation was lacking and fell apart significantly after lunch. It was clear some presenters didn't write the code examples they were presenting, and that it hadn't been rehearsed/practiced, especially when time started getting short.

When we got to the full journal class section where we were supposed to "put it all together," there was too much of a jump between the previous beginning fundamentals and that which, along with being rush really hurt the flow and ability to follow.

Overall I think the goal was too lofty for the extremely limited time we had - it would have been better to focus on a few more smaller examples of putting code together for pieces of the project instead of going from some basic form validation to a full "app" in ~7 hours.