Relational Theory for Budding Einsteins


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Kyle Schatzle at 14:50 on 7 Apr 2016

Very good talk. Heavy theory based in the beginning and more use case at the end. Good information on both ends.

Mark Priddy at 14:55 on 7 Apr 2016

Good talk, Dave. It's easy to see that your content is still a little above my comprehension, but that's why I go to these things is to stretch my mind.

Could benefit from more detail and practical application of the normalization names and process of implementing them. I still find myself lost at this fundamental concept.

Would also enjoy more hands-on working, but that may not be practical in this amount of time.

Eric Poe at 00:16 on 16 Apr 2016

I had no idea what to expect from this talk; although, I have seen Dave talk before at the Kansas Linux Fest and thoroughly enjoyed his DB talk there.

Excellent use of humor and insider info to give us some skinny on good relational design.