TDD With PhpSpec


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Ryan Scott at 15:58 on 7 Apr 2016

Really enjoyed the real world examples of TDD, it really helped clear up some questions about utilizing PhpSpec.

Over the past year, I've dabbled in TDD, absorbing information I've read in various books and online forums. This discussion really helped me to figure out some ways of putting it to practical use in my development cycle.
PhpSpec is a tool that I've not had a chance to experiment with until this talk and I'm grateful for the practical application discussions surrounding it.
By far, the best part of this session was the driver + navigator kata exercises. Ciaran went around to ensure that everyone was getting it and to be available for questions.
Great talk, great exercise!
Thank you!

Chris at 21:10 on 7 Apr 2016

I have attempted TDD in my development workflow but have not applied it consistently. After the discussion and hands-on exercises, I have a better grasp on both "how" and "why" to create the tests first.

Callie Briscoe at 09:23 on 8 Apr 2016

Went in depth on the proper methodology to unit testing and how to change your coding to thinking about the behavior and function of the code before writing any code. Had us pair up and work thru this process of writing the tests to break the code before fixing the issue. This cause short iterations of writing tests, coding and refactoring. It really makes you think about how the code it going to function long before any major problems occur.

The discussions and hands on activities will really help jump start my use if TDD. I have attended many talks on TDD, however this is the first one that provided actionable examples to get me going.

Jason Goodman at 10:00 on 9 Apr 2016

Definitely an eye-opening course. Enjoyed working through the examples.