The Hidden Architecture of the Domain


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SOLID :-) but seriously, good talk. I especially liked the discussion around working through legacy projects to bring them up to domain projects. I think that's a thing that hits most of us as we often end up in these situations as developers.

A very important topic, and all in all I found the presentation interesting. However, I have two main suggestions. One is quite easy to fix. The code examples in the slides were very difficult to read because of the text size and color scheme. I would have prefered larger text, and (for a projector) a dark-on-light color scheme, rather than a pastel-on-dark.

The second suggestion is to have some more energy on stage. Yes, this is a bit of a fuzzy suggestion, but it makes it easier to pay attention, understand and remember what is being said.

Kyle Schatzle at 12:23 on 9 Apr 2016

Informative talk, cut a little short. Lot of information packed in. Would have liked a break or change in delivery to help engagement and gather my thoughts.

Colin O'Dell at 12:32 on 9 Apr 2016

Lots of great content in this talk! The format and flow was logical and worked well. I'm looking forward to leaning more about hexagonal architecture and integrating it more into my work.

I do agree with Magnus though - projecting more energy would've helped keep the audience engaged throughout the entire presentation.

The code examples were good but could probably be condensed slightly. I found myself thinking through the not-as-relevant lines instead of the important ones. Perhaps some of the "fat" can be cut to keep the examples lean and to-the-point?

This talk could absolutely be a 5 star talk with a little more polish and enthusiasm.

Ben Ramsey at 13:31 on 9 Apr 2016

Having seen this talk at Midwest PHP earlier this year, it was great to see Woody work in the feedback received to update the talk format and improve the flow of the talk. I think the flow was logical and well structured. I liked the discussion of the advantages of using the SOLID principles, leading into the "clean architecture" discussion.

The content was great. The code examples were not very legible, especially from the back of the room; try dark text on a white background, and bump up the font size.

moazzam khan at 22:49 on 9 Apr 2016

This was a great topic. I love the onion architecture. You were very right about the pros and cons and they (sometimes) make it hard to architect your app this way (because of people who don't understand it).

Suggestions to make it better:
- Speak louder and not in a monotonous tone.
- Increase the pace with which you speak.
- Don't mumble.

The topic and information was very interesting and valuable. I would like to see a little more dynamic presentation of the information. The pace seemed to be a little slow.

Philip at 11:57 on 11 Apr 2016

Great talk. I like your seriousness, seemed to drive home your point of doing things the right way first and not cutting corners. I don't think every speaker needs to seem like they just chugged 6 bottles of Rock Star energy drink, but maybe speak up just a bit more or make sure the mic is turned up.

From the back of the room it was really hard to read the slides. The pace and pitch of the delivery were really slow and sedated so even though it's a subject I'm interested in it was hard not to drift off.