There are various access control models, each with a specific intent and purpose. Determining the ideal model for an application can help ensure proper authorization to application resources. Each of the primary models will be covered, including the MAC, DAC, RBAC, and ABAC Access Control models. Examples, challenges, and benefits of each will be discussed to provide a further insight into which solution may best serve an application. Application sensitivity, regulations, and privacy may drive which model is selected.


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Marion Sartor at 14:20 on 21 Apr 2017

Very good overview of access control and the 4 most common patterns. Talk was well organized and clearly presented.

Jeremy Ward at 09:49 on 22 Apr 2017

Mark's presentation was clear and informative. I learned about the four primary types of access control and how user/resource credentials might be stored in and accessed from a database. I appreciated an introduction of the terminology that would be used and the breaks in the presentation to take questions.

To improve this talk, Mark might consider taking the second line from his description ("Determining the ideal model for an application can help ensure proper authorization in application resources.") and turning it into a key takeway/call-to-action for the audience. I think that will help inform future attendees about why they should care about choosing the right implementation.

Overall, nice presentation. Thank you for giving it!