Did you know that your web browser has a full suite of built-in JavaScript debugging tools? With the developer tools in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, you can debug JavaScript on the fly with breakpoints, watch expressions, an interactive REPL with autocomplete, and much more. Learn how to troubleshoot bugs and memory leaks like a pro, armed with the same web browser you already use everyday - no extra plugins or downloads required.


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Matt Trask at 11:05 on 22 Apr 2017

As someone just starting with Javascript, Vance did a great job sharing his tips and tricks to debugging Javascript effectively. I left that talk feeling more comfortable in a language Im not super comfortable in.

Eric Poe at 09:53 on 26 Apr 2017

Like Matt, I am a relative neophyte to JS. I've been almost exclusively using Sencha ExtJS framework for the past 3 years; as such, I never talk about the DOM, use prototype, Windows.whatever, or any of the other typical JS language concerns & uses. I have been using Chrome Dev Tools to help me troubleshoot what I do in ExtJS against my API and felt like I was relatively expert in its usage. After watching you wiz through the Dev Tools and build JS directly in it, I know now that I have so much more to learn. You have provided inspiration to me as I learn jQuery, Vue, & React!