Reviewing your peers' code is a critical part of working on a team - it helps prevent bugs and can give you understanding of parts of the application you haven't worked on. The key is knowing what to look for in a code review - and then communicating your thoughts in an effective way. In this session, we'll look at example PRs and practice reviewing them to get the best results.


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Eric Poe at 15:17 on 22 Apr 2017

This was a well thought-out and executed talk.

My only complaint with the talk is with the size of the the text in the sample code; but I know that you will fix this because you recognized the problem right away.

This is what made the talk go from being good to being great: you immediately recognized a problem in your slides and did not let that affect your presentation style nor your attitude. The show went on.

Damien Burns at 15:30 on 22 Apr 2017

Great topic and very well articulated. Would like to see less content on the slides so it is easier to read from back :) The review of code and how to address it is a very nice add to this discussion.

Really enjoyed the talk. Great takeaways, and inspirational presentation. Thank you for your time end efforts.

Jessica was well prepared, gave great examples, and hit on a topic useful for every developer. Her talk was very well prepared, she moved on when she saw the code was hard to read, and was helpful answering questions after her talk. Well done!

One of those talks where you call out "This, so much this!". The examples could have been simplified (nearly impossible to read from the back of the room), but Jessica's experience with code review (a topic I love to talk about) really shone through.