Today’s society is filled with devices, apps, and software that make communication easier and faster. But are we communicating with others in the most appropriate and effective way? Are we causing more problems and headaches for ourselves by only communicating in 140 characters at a time? In this talk, we will discuss the elements of interpersonal communication, the pitfalls of various methods of communication, and learn tools and strategies to put into immediate action. Attendees will leave with six action items to immediately use and improve their communication.


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In roles as a senior engineer, a lead, and a manager, I've found a lot of tactics to improve communication. I felt like this session had a lot of promise but the content of this talk was remedial and unengaging and the presentation style was dry.

@Heather: For a session on communication, I expected something a lot more prepared, polished and engaging.

Good summary/breakdown of basics of communication, well designed slides, easy-going presentation. Helped me kind of recall some basic stuff that I often tend to forget or overlook in a conversation. Good talk for any technical person that has to communicate with non-technical people on a frequent basis.

Maybe even more exact examples of how we should and how we should not ask and respond to questions would be great. Like do and do not kind of examples of sentences.

Although I would have liked more audience engagement, I felt Heather's talk was informative and gave great examples that I, as a software engineer, could relate to. She gave good details, had a good pace, and highlighted pros and cons of each communication medium. Overall it was a great talk that I would recommend attending to improve how one communicates with others, especially when working on a technical team.

I interface with clients all the time on web projects. This talk exposed me for relying too much on emails! (text communication). I got three things from the talk that I can put into practice immediately for stretching myself in better communication with clients. Thank you!

Bob Phillips at 09:17 on 25 Apr 2017

Great work, Thank you.

Bob Phillips at 14:23 on 25 Apr 2017

I would love some tips and focus on report groups and how to help build the team with chat, email, etc.