From chatbots to your home thermostat, it seems like machine learning algorithms are everywhere nowadays. How about understanding how this works now? In this talk, you will learn about the basics of machine learning through various basic examples, without the need for a PhD or deep knowledge of assembly. At the end of this talk, you will know what the Naive Bayes classifiers, sentiment analysis and basic genetic algorithms are and how they work. You will also see how to create your own implementations in PHP.


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A crash course in machine learning. Thanks for the repos!

Insightful talk, I was expecting a session that pointed at a bunch of APIs so a high level overview of algorithms and code samples were a pleasant surprise.

I admit, I got nerd sniped by this talk. Great presentation. Really interesting concepts. Thank you for your time and effort in putting this talk together.

Bob Phillips at 09:24 on 25 Apr 2017

Thanks for the inspiration, don't change anything! (except maybe some code comments :-P)

I don't know that there was a single member of the audience who didn't add "machine learning" (perhaps for the second or third time) to their list of "cool stuff I want to try". Great introduction to a huge industry.