Your customer calls, your project manager assigns you an issue, your open source project gets a pull request, or your boss emails you – “There’s a problem…” As computer genius and wiz kid you are expected to solve all of these problems because that’s what you are – a problem solver. Well, sort of. Kind of. Not really. Software engineer, sure. Frontend developer, yep. But when was the last time someone gave you a complete, perfectly described problem and you solved it completely? Do you even remember being taught how to recognize, describe, and solve problems? How do you even know if it is really solved?

In the talk Problem Solved-ish we learn again or perhaps for the first time how problem solvers think, how our skills our empowered by our knowledge and understanding of the problem itself, and how solutions finally reveal themselves and the problems really do get solved. We take a look at the five C’s of debugging. We show the five Q’s of the Problem Solving Method. We demonstrate how testing can improve your confidence, your problem describing skills, and even your solution making skills. We will explore the business angle of problem solving and optimization by constraint based decision making and problem solving. Finally you will have a framework for making sure that it’s “problem solved.”


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