If you build it, they will come.. well no, not really. Not even close.

As developers, too often we believe the best tech wins. We want to believe customers care about clean code, the most features, and our architecture. It turns out, no one cares.

When we’re building products, we need to understand the problem we’re solving, who we’re solving it for, and how to reach them. In this session, we'll review concrete steps and discuss how to turn your project into a product.


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Well-organized talk with very clear, valid challenges to traditional thinking done by tech people when doing marketing. I appreciate the focus on solving problems, and then communicating clearly to identified target markets about how your product/service solves their problems. Interesting thoughts on pricing, too. What is it worth to the customer to have this problem solved? Takeaway thought for me: Revenue solves most arguments. Will the new product/service/feature make money? Is it worth enough to the end user to pay for it?

Damien Burns at 15:32 on 22 Apr 2017

Well done, good use of slides and zingers to keep the audience's attention.

Bob Phillips at 14:21 on 25 Apr 2017

YES! I do fall in the trap of premature optimization, this knocked some sense into me.