When having the critical information available in an instant, businesses look to develop real-time dashboards. In the workshop Real-Time Dashboards With Async PHP, I will demonstrate how to:

- create an event loop
- write some non-blocking code
- configure a websocket server
- communicate bi-directionally with multiple connection
- build a reactive web application
- bridge "offline" and realtime communications using queues
- expand async applications with common async patterns

While an advanced topic, I will build up from the entry-level sparing no details or introducing any magic along the way (ok maybe a little abstraction of the low level stuff). At the end we will refactor to make our maintained codebase smaller and finally replace the plain-vanilla JS dashboard with Vue.js to help with the client-side heavy-lifting. The result is a synchronous and asynchronous bridge that makes frontends and backends communicate as a seamless, evented app.


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Eric Poe at 20:53 on 25 Apr 2017

Great intro to reactive programming.

I struggled getting my environment set up and in getting to "step 2," and I couldn't find those instructions, which I know are easily remedied. I know that this workshop can only improve.

Well done!