So you’ve finally managed to build a full stack application, all in Javascript. But what if your hardware programming could be done with Javascript too? In this introduction to Nodebots, you will learn how to use NodeJs to build a robot using an Arduino board. Well, maybe not a full robot but at least a blinking LED. You will learn how to add basic sensors and other general electronic components and you will learn how you can do it by yourself, at home, on a minimal budget. Come to this talk and you too will be able to contribute to the Robocalypse.


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Damien Burns at 15:37 on 22 Apr 2017

Good topic, did learn about several new libraries to add to my NodeJS stack. Slide design needs to be reviewed, even up close the slides were unreadable due to color and font. The idea of hands on testing for the group would have been cool but understandable about the shipping. Nice you put that in the slide, stuff happens. I do like the fact you wanted to put more effort into this talk and I think next time it will be much better.

The talk was de-railed a bit by some hardware shipments not arriving in time, but Joel rolled with the punches. This was a great look at some of the basic concepts of hardware hacking, and I appreciated that the demo built (ha!) to a final product: a night light.