Being flexible to changes in business process makes our jobs easier, and it helps our applications adapt to those changes with minimal code changes. One of the biggest adaptions in our applications has been the addition of Event Sourcing to make a note of an Event that happened in the system. With these Events, we can affect change immediately, or even later. This is most helpful in our reporting interfaces. We can build, change, and throw away our reports very easily. This is much easier than our older reports being generated by large SQL queries.

Attendees will learn: - idealogical differences between status flags and events - triggering events in your application - handling events to reflect the state of your application data - building reports from events that are easy to change.


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Really interesting concept. I got lost a little in the beginning where CQRS was concerned, but you definitely planted a seed. I want to research this further. I could not hear or see some of the material, but that is partly my fault due to sitting closer to the back of the room. Thank you for putting this talk together.