PHP has been adopting testing on a wider scale over the past several years, and it feels like we're finally at a point where we can start to sharpen our skills and tools, rather than rallying to see any testing at all. At this point we should start ensuring that our tests tell the story we'd like them to.

Through an analogy of storytelling, this talk aims to help you be the hero of your testing story by giving new context and perspective to the way a test suite should read to both your colleagues and your future self. We'll demonstrate how proper naming and assertions can lead to simpler, faster debugging. We'll also see how an end-to-end test has a far more compelling story when you focus on describing the feature and business goals over describing a specific UI workflow in painful detail.


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Loved that talk.

Matt Trask at 11:12 on 22 Apr 2017

Matt did a great job getting to the heart of testing, being descriptive and telling the stories behind the code. He had great examples and really did an awesome job explaining the examples since they were in JS and Ruby.