Do you hate the Facebook API? We all do as well. So stop writing your API in their footsteps. In this talk we will walk through how to construct a RESTful API, what makes an API your users/developers will love, and why you should eat your own dog food with API Driven Development.


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Ben gave good technical details on good and bad things when working with APIs. He covered the basics and built up from there, ensuring the audience understood what was covered. The pace was a little too fast, which led to the talk ending a bit early, but that gave time for asking questions and discussions at the tables about the talk. Good talk Ben!

Jeremy Ward at 12:58 on 21 Apr 2017

Nice overview of the basics of REST, with practical tips for how to structure your endpoints and responses. I appreciated Ben's slide about the various methods for implementing rate limiting, as well as the recommended resources provided at the end. Good talk!

Bob Phillips at 09:18 on 25 Apr 2017

I don't feel as bad about my api now.