To get ready to follow-along the tutorial, please complete the "Initial Setup":

Imagine building an application without having to mess with a Web Browser, a REST client or a MySQL client. What if you could build full-blown functionality with realistic data operations within the comfort of a Unit Test Harness?

What if this meant shipping code earlier and more frequently than you ever have before?

Building upon concepts outlined in this talk: , and leveraging an evolving “Kata” for building a “Ride-Hailing Application”, this exercise will walk thru a rapid-development example from a “clean-slate” Symfony3 project, with just enough bootstrapping to enable Test-Driven Development with PHPUnit & Doctrine.


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The live demonstration of TDD was awesome. I was following along on my own laptop. I'm familiar with TDD but that was probably the first ever hands on experience. Due to the nature of TDD though, at one point I was getting a syntax error with my Doctrine docblock. This made it impossible to follow along, but it was still extremely valuable to watch Chris work through the process. My number one piece of advice is to be more conscious about switching to presenter mode!

Switching in and out of presenter mode was rough, but a really nice walk through of TDD.

Really enjoyed the talk, wished I could of followed along on my laptop, but had issues spinning up / building the appropriate Docker container.

One thought would be to have a Dockerfile in GIT that could be pulled down or send he Spec's out a week or more in advance. Since most of us probably brought our work machines, adding / modifying our work test environments not always ideal.

The talk also made me more excited to site thru the Codeception talk. We currently use Sahi and Behat for all our Testing.

Chris Holland (Speaker) at 13:22 on 25 Apr 2018

Big thanks for all of your constructive feedback. It's immensely helpful.

Chris Holland (Speaker) at 13:40 on 25 Apr 2018

I just added links to the tests/AppBundle and src/AppBundle folders of the "demo-run-8" branch which has all of the code I wrote during the tutorial.

A great tutorial, with easy to follow examples of a real world example. Literally used some of the technique taught during this tutorial at work today.