Codeception is a powerful framework for testing. It allows you to test your application on all levels: unit, functional, acceptance; it can also handle API tests as well, and be used as part of the BDD process. Codeception testing is neither hard nor time-consuming, but it has so many features that it is easier to see them all at once than to learn everything from the documentation. Spend a few hours learning it and start writing tests effectively! In this tutorial, we will cover all the most interesting gems of Codeception.

* Functional testing with framework (Laravel), working with Database
* REST API tests inside a framework
* Acceptance tests with Selenium WebDriver
* Using PageObjects to refactor tests
* And using BDD practices to make meaningful tests.
* Extending Codeception


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Chris Holland at 15:00 on 20 Apr 2018

Very-well structured and informative tutorial

I am excite to dive into Codeception when back in the office. We currently use Sahi / Behat and headless. It has it's flaws so am excited to try something new. Was happy to learn we can port over all our currently written test and have them read other then maybe some of our JS test which we may have to tweak.