Every PHP application needs its policy about tests: what is important to test, what is not, at which levels should a feature be tested. As we think of application architecture before writing a single line of code, we should think of a test architecture before implementing tests. From this talk you will learn:

* How to transform business expectations to tests using ATDD and BDD approaches
* How (and why) to incorporate all testing levels (acceptance, functional, integration, unit)
* How to prioritize tests
* How to write stable tests that won’t be the stick in the wheel
* How to deal with test data
* How to decide, should it be unit or integration test
* How to choose the type of a test


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Darren Wright at 14:42 on 21 Apr 2018

Good topic, covered a lot of content.

Buster Neece at 03:03 on 22 Apr 2018

What a privilege that this conference was able to bring the actual author of Codeception in from overseas. Michael clearly knows his stuff, exemplified not only in the software he writes but also in this abstract discussion of how to write robust, readable tests that will stand the "test" of time.

Ed Barnard at 19:41 on 22 Apr 2018

This talk was useful to me personally. Michael described choices I make myself (when and what to test and not test), but Michael explains WHY one choice is better than another.