MySQL can now be used as a NoSQL, schema-less document store. The MySQL Document Store was introduced with MySQL 5.7 along with a new shell and API to make life for developers easier. This means no more embedding ugly SQL code in your beautiful code, having to normalize data, or setting up tables before you can start using the most popular database on the web. You no longer need DBA-level skills to set up your database – just open a document collection and start coding. This session will cover what you need to start today!


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Philip at 09:19 on 21 Apr 2018

Get intro into into 5.7 and beyond. Ready to try it out.

Philip at 09:23 on 21 Apr 2018


Dave Stokes (Speaker) at 12:40 on 21 Apr 2018

The slides are at and MySQL 8 is a !!

Daniel Kadosh at 14:14 on 21 Apr 2018

Great to see how Oracle is improving MySQL with really useful features!

We currently use both MySQL and Mongo. Was cool to see the new interface and JSON features in the latest versions of MySQL. I'll have to setup a test environment and play.