If you develop APIs, you’ll more than likely need a way to test that they work as expected. In this talk, we’ll briefly go over some common tools that are used for API development. Then we’ll focus on Postman, and see how we can use it to check basic API functionality, as well as write automated tests that will run with a single click.


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John Vernier at 18:00 on 20 Apr 2018

Great talk! My colleague and I have been using Postman for 4+ years and we STILL learned a ton. We didn't know about the collection runner or newman, but we're definitely going back to the office and diving into those features now for sure.

Darren Wright at 07:37 on 21 Apr 2018

Enjoyed the talk, content was great.

Wun Chiou at 09:59 on 21 Apr 2018

The content was excellent. I liked seeing the features in action, particularly newman. The presentation could have used a little bit more practice and polish, however. There were repeated slightly-too-long pauses as he copied a code snippet or thought about what to say next or referred to his notes.

Ed Barnard at 19:35 on 22 Apr 2018

I've never used Postman and was looking for an introduction. This was a great introduction, providing examples of moving beyond the basics when that time comes.

Great talk. I use Postman often and learned about things I didn't know exists or had used. Will be fun to see how we can incorporate what we learned into our day to day / troubleshooting / testing.