We rarely need the basic skills of shifting, masking, or two’s complement arithmetic. Yet these remain important fundamentals. We’ll use a problem of applied cryptography (cache-timing attacks) to walk through the skills of one’s complement and two’s complement arithmetic, bit masks, shifting, and bitwise operations. We’re hitting the fundamentals of binary manipulation with zero prior knowledge expected. If you were never taught binary arithmetic, this talk is for you. After this talk, we’ll be far more comfortable with bitwise operators and what happens “under the covers.”


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Philip at 11:42 on 21 Apr 2018

Thank you for this talk.The devil is indeed in the details.

Peter at 11:51 on 21 Apr 2018

Great talk, I love the deep dive into the bits :)

Was a fun flash back to 28 years ago while in school, me being a EE, definitely touched on hex and binary. Was a really food explanation of one and two's compliment.