OAuth is one of the most important but most misunderstood frameworks out there. What you think it is, it probably isn’t. What it actually is, you probably hadn’t considered. Regardless, when you consider the standards, specifications, and common practices interact and fit together, it’s impressive what you can accomplish with minimal effort.

In this session, we’ll explore through the most common RFCs that are combined to make powerful, robust, and secure solutions that drive modern software development.


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Darren Wright at 11:53 on 21 Apr 2018

Good overview of OAuth, good examples and insight.

John Taylor at 14:41 on 21 Apr 2018

An excellent talk with real life examples for edification. Also an extra dose of energy and enthusiasm.

Keith did a good job of keeping people engaged while delivering a lot of information on a confusing topic.

Learned a lot about OAuth. The hotel key-card example made things very accessible. You can tell that he obviously knows much about this topic as he can teach it really well.

Keith Casey (Speaker) at 13:02 on 23 Apr 2018

Thanks for coming everyone! While I don't have the finished slides to share - which is why I freehand drew some of the diagrams - I've linked to the OAuth 2.0 guides and practices that we publish at Okta. They're ~98% vendor neutral so apply a grain of salt if you need. :)