Docker is often lauded as a tool for deploying and running applications – but it’s also extremely useful for your local development process. Whether you’ve never used Docker, or you’ve been using it for a while but aren’t quite sure how it all actually works, this talk will give you an in-depth understanding of Docker and how to use it locally. We’ll cover creating your own Dockerfiles, building, tagging and pushing images, running containers, networking multiple containers with Docker Compose and debugging your setup.


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Eric Poe at 10:54 on 20 Apr 2018

Well done, highly informative.

Excellent work with experiencing failure during live coding and letting it go. That is a rare skill to have, especially in front of an audience.

John Congdon at 11:32 on 20 Apr 2018

Learned some things I wasn't expecting, like docker machine. I would have liked more story telling, rather than "now I'm going to x" while typing x.

Paul Dejean at 13:24 on 20 Apr 2018

Very through! Thanks!

John Vernier at 15:30 on 20 Apr 2018

As someone who has struggled with managing multiple docker containers (while not being a docker expert by any means), it was eye-opening to see docker-compose in action. Definitely going to look into that more.

Also, I concur with what Eric says. It was refreshing to see Jessica not get tripped up when a part of her demo didn't work the way it had before. Some speakers would have stopped things in their tracks, killing the flow of the talk and losing the audience, so it was a nice change to see her be able to shrug, explain the issue, and move on.

Great talk!

Ed Barnard at 19:20 on 22 Apr 2018

Jessica's talk was precisely as advertised - that's a good thing which doesn't always happen! I don't use docker (yet) and wanted some orientation as to what I'd need to do. I got that, and some reasons why. Thank you.

Was unaware of Docker Compose an how to use prior to this. Currently running multiple containers tied together, but each start separately. Excited to try Docker Compose to bundle the together.