“Clean Code” is code that communicates. But how do we write clean code? In this talk we’ll look 9 simple practices that will help you write clean code. We’ll see how each one reduces complexity and improves readability. Don’t worry though, we’re not just going to “talk”. All of these practices will be shown with live coding demos to reveal all of the little steps involved so you can go and start cleaning up your own code.


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John Vernier at 15:40 on 20 Apr 2018

Another great JMac talk!

Tim Lytle at 16:51 on 20 Apr 2018

Great talk. Excellent examples. Clear presentation and takeaways that can be useful in improving code right away.

Straight to the point with clear take-aways. Code examples made the talk a breeze to follow along.

Great speaker. If you've read through Object Calisthenics at any point, you'll have read a lot of the content of the talk before but the speaker has a very good way of presenting examples and references of each code smell and a realistic solution based on experience.

Lots of good examples. And even if you disagreed with some of his specific recommendations, his points are worth consideration. Great food for thought!