Developers still hesitate to include writing tests in their everyday routine. There are numerous excuses, myths and misconceptions around: “they slow us down”, “we’ll never achieve 100% code coverage, so why bother”, “takes too much time to learn testing, we’re better of writing business logic instead”. When we get to the topic of writing tests first, the debate becomes even more heated.

In real world, where you get paid by code that ships, developer strive to write the most efficient tests possible. To cover mission critical code. To quickly decide whether writing a functional test or series of unit tests is the best approach. Let us learn together how to use phpunit and TDD in most efficient way possible, for extraordinary results.

This workshop is for developers who start their projects by drawing model of the database first, developers who are overwhelmed by number of testing tools or don’t know where to start and developers who simply want to level up their game.


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Eric Poe at 16:07 on 2 May 2019

This was a nice TDD workshop. Luka did a great job of explaining the different parts and reasons for writing certain types of tests from the outside-in. In this workshop, we built a small application given some simple requirements with growing requirements as we went along.

I was grateful for the points in the workshop where Luka would commit his changes so we could fetch those changes and start again from where he left off. This made it much easier to stay on the same page.

Roger Creasy at 17:01 on 2 May 2019

This is a terrific tutorial. Luka really knows his topic well. Things move quickly, but he does a great job of keeping the audience caught up. Luka walks the audience through building a small project using TDD. He explains why he is doing each step. Also, he regularly pushes his code, via git, making it easy to keep up with the changes. I highly recommend this fantastic tutorial.

TJ Draper at 10:08 on 3 May 2019

Great stuff on testing. I've been testing but this approach to class design by writing tests and scenarios first is great. I mean I know what TDD is, but actually doing it in a workshop was so helpful.

Good talk; already a convert but got a couple of nuggets I'd never thought about. Thanks!