In this talk, I’ll convince you that your parents were wrong & procrastination is actually a best practice. I’ll discuss: what caching is, what queuing is, why you (probably) don’t need live data, why you should push everything off until later & how we can get our lazy on with Redis.


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derak.kilgo at 17:11 on 3 May 2019

The physical message passing is functions as a demonstration and ice breaker getting folks in a talk to interact. Brilliant.

Mentioned the concept of "cache warming" but didn't name it. Help your participants build their vocabulary.

Kendra Jones at 17:14 on 3 May 2019

Great interaction.... More time on code snippets would be helpful

Roger Creasy at 20:09 on 3 May 2019

Lawrence covers an amazing amount of information in a very short time. He gives a really good overview, and keeps the audience engaged. Very good talk.

TJ Draper at 09:14 on 4 May 2019

Great high level overview of caching and queueing. Definitely gets the brain wave flowing. Would have liked to see a couple of explicit code samples but it's a small nitpick. Great, fun presentation.

Great use of audience participation and humor kept everyone engaged. Even though the speaker had a short amount of time he covered quote a bit of material.