Nearly every application uses some sort of data storage. Proper data structure can lead to increased performance, reduced application complexity, and ensure data integrity. Foreign keys, indexes, and correct data types truly are your best friends when you respect them and use them for the correct purposes. Structuring data to be normalized and with the correct data types can lead to significant performance increases. Learn how to structure your tables to achieve normalization, performance, and integrity, by building a database from the ground up during this tutorial.


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Marion Sartor at 18:42 on 2 May 2019

Very good entry level database design tutorial. I know Mark ran out of time and therefore we did not cover some of the topics at the end of the session. I wish the level would have been more intermediate.

Clara Belman at 14:52 on 4 May 2019

I 2nd @MarionSartor! Thank you for the data modeling refresher, Mark. I really appreciate it. You simplified it - the complete opposite of my DA Manager :-)