Symfony is not only a framework, but also a collection of components that can be used in generic PHP applications. Their number has grown from 21 in version 2.0 to 48 as of today, and they are used in some of the most prominent PHP projects.

This workshop will take you from zero to a simple framework built with those components. You will learn how a framework works at the core, and how the basic components fit together. Along the way we will see how some components can be useful in vanilla PHP projects apart from Symfony full stack.


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Interesting, helpful, fulfilled my expectations.

Great intro to Symfony components to build a basic web application with request/response/dependency injection container/routers/and kernel.

Darren Wright at 14:53 on 2 May 2019

Good overview Symfony components, answered questions about the inner workings, and broadened my understanding of them.

derak.kilgo at 15:31 on 3 May 2019

A great intro for the symfony components and how to glue them together correctly. Helps you appreciate your favorite framework and the work it does for you.

Javier Lona at 06:32 on 4 May 2019

Great tutorial from Andreas. He readily assisted individuals who encountered issues along the way and still managed to complete the simple framework. As an improvement, give a list of components from that would address several common web application use cases to add on to the simple framework.