In this tutorial, we will be using AWS, GitHub, Docker, a Mock PHP app, and Terraform to build a seamless test & deployment pipeline. Both GitHub Actions and Terraform are very powerful tools but become extraordinary when combined to build CI/CD pipelines for your PHP App. We will go step by step on how to signup and provision your AWS account, explanation of the example repositories used, how the GitHub Actions test & package your app in a Docker container, how it pushes that image up to AWS, and how the Elastic Container service works to host your PHP app in a highly-scalable way.

Be prepared for this talk by signing up for paid AWS, signing up for GitHub, reading a bit about Docker/Terraform, and getting a cup of coffee right before you build the best stack of your life.

Install the following locally:
* Terraform V1+
* Docker (optional, only if you want to run the example symfony app locally)
* jq (Needed to destroy files in s3 buckets)


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Very creative use of narrative and media to hold the audience's interest. Nice walk-through of the example repo, its organization and components, and how to use it.

Small suggestion: use dark text on a light background rather than the reverse to make slides and live code samples more easily readable by the audience.