You’re a software development consultant called into DevCorp with a mission. What started as a hip, informal startup now has investor demands to meet. And they’re counting on you to help them become a scale-up. How do you grow the existing team and maintain the codebase?

This interactive talk, intended for any developer of any level, will give you some valuable technical and soft skills to take with you on your real-life professional journey. Using a voting system, the audience decides… and has to live with the consequences. Based on a mix of personal experience, agile methodology, and software design principles, this story has several possible endings.

Will you help lift your team’s performance or run DevCorp into the ground?


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Chris Holland at 12:12 on 15 Oct 2021

Super enjoyed this interactive experience again, was hoping to get people to join me in making very bad decision but people all did the right thing. ONE DAY. Yolo. Will. Prevail.

Great job running a fun, smooth and flawless presentation Pauline