PHP has had first-class function support since 2009. Even so, functional programming can still seem mysterious. Functional programming can help your code become less repetitive and more testable! In this talk, we'll talk about what functional programming is. We'll compare it with object-oriented programming. By the end, you should be able to bring these ideas to your work and improve your code.


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Marion Sartor at 16:38 on 20 Oct 2021

This was a good talk. It compared functional programming to object oriented programming. It compared how the SOLID principles can be applied to functional programming. Finally, the speaker explained how functional programming can exist side-by-side of oo programming. I found the concepts to be presented well. One suggestion I do have is that the speaker could present the concepts a bit quicker and then add in more demos of the concepts in action. Provide a simple yet relevant example or two.