Like many folks, testing was always an afterthought, rarely given any focus, and happened well after code was pushed in to production. End users often doubled as testers, and things often went awry in production. Unit tests, TDD, test-first, koans... these all felt very esoteric, and at best felt like getting in the way of "getting real work done". To be fair, I was often able to 'see' bugs in code while writing, and was good at defensive programming, which prevented many bugs up front, but over the years, that increasingly was not enough.

Over the last 3 years, I've done close to a 180 on testing, and it's now a relatively core part of my development. I've become "that person" on a project that focuses on tests, possibly to the annoyance of some colleagues.

This talk with cover some of my own mistakes in testing, previous and current tools used, experiences that helped change my thinking on testsing, what steps I took to make testing easier for myself, and describe how much more there is to improve on.


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This guy is hilarious

michael kimsal (Speaker) at 15:49 on 16 Oct 2021

@Nathan Briscoe Thank you for the kind words.