OpenAPI is more than just a documentation tool - even though it's great for that! As the tooling for OpenAPI version 3 has matured, there are now more opportunities to use OpenAPI to make your API development faster, easier, and more resilient.

In this talk you'll learn how to use the OpenAPI spec and tools in the Open API ecosystem to power:

- Mock servers to test your API before it exists
- Integration tests to ensure that your API responses meet your specification
- Validation logic
- Documentation

In this workshop we'll work together to build a simple API with documentation, testing, validation, and a simple front-end all powered by the spec.


- You need to have PHP installed with the [ability to run Laravel](
- We will be using the built-in PHP server that is triggered from the command line
- You need to have Git and Composer installed
- You should install [Stoplight Studio](


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