Refactoring is often a murky subject for development teams. It might seem too daunting or not allowed by the pace of development. It can be misunderstood by stakeholders as something of low business value.

But how valuable is a product suffering from unaddressed code rot? How fast can we go if our product loses its ability to add or change features over time?

Switching to the next shiny new software development methodology won’t matter much for productivity if refactoring is not an adored habit.

I'd like to show you how to apply a broad catalog of refactoring patterns alongside automated tooling (IDE's, Rector, PhpUnit etc.) to help keep your codebase flexible and enjoyable.

We’ll learn how to identify high-value refactoring targets, what we can do about them, and how to help everyone see refactoring as one of the most effective ways to care about each other and our customers.


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