Releasing open-source libraries is more than sharing your GitHub URL with the world. There are many considerations and steps involved especially for successful and long-lived projects.

In this talk, we’ll cover the principles behind creating, releasing, and maintaining high-quality libraries. Topics will include structuring the repository, implementing modern PHP standards, maintaining changelogs, using CI tests, releasing new versions, and more.


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Well thought-out talk. Included lots of things I never considered.

Great collection of everything you need in the way of knowledge, best practices, and resources for creating, releasing, and maintaining a package. Well done.


Dana Luther at 12:23 on 15 Oct 2021

Excellent in depth information!

Koldo Picaza at 12:45 on 15 Oct 2021

Slides added to favorites;-D Very nice talk, a list of must-do topics as a package maintainer.