Today, our systems are made up of a patchwork of tools and services from different providers. Thanks to cloud computing, we no longer need to be experts outside of our core business model. Companies now make it relatively accessible and affordable to use everything as a service rather than creating or operating everything from scratch.

The days of running your own SMTP server are gone; there's an API for that. But how did we get here, and where do we go from here? Most importantly, how do we connect this patchwork of tools and services without wanting to pull our hair out while also dealing with a whole new set of challenges with external services? This talk will explore the answers to these questions and the concept of vendor engineering, elevating and utilizing glue work, and how it relates to the developer and operator experience gap.


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Chris Holland at 14:04 on 16 Oct 2021

Very interesting perspectives on framing discussions for Build vs Buy decisions, assessing vendors and managing relationships with them while anticipating and mitigating integration risks.

Also loved the insights on abstraction layers.

As someone who recently moved to a team focused on developer productivity, Taylor's talk was timely and helpful. Framing these problems as vendor engineering is a helpful way to think about it and the abstraction tips leave enough wiggle room / agility to change your mind later on another vendor or building a solution in house.

Also a super engaging deck design!