Regardless of our technical specialization, seniority level, or present job, we want to be the best developers we can be. On our individual journeys, we meet others we hold in high regard and consider to be exemplary of our vocation and our craft.

What makes these developers great? How can we best follow their example? We'll explore these and related questions about what crucial knowledge, values, skills, goals, and challenges you must pursue on your own path to being a great developer.


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Koldo Picaza at 14:29 on 15 Oct 2021

Very inspiring message ;-D

Buster Neece at 14:36 on 15 Oct 2021

The substance and the content of the presentation made a very compelling and interesting point, and overall it was a great presentation. I just have a few thoughts related to the presentation itself:
1) The "quotes" section is a little heavy to have all in one block, and it may have been more helpful to scatter the quotes throughout with commentary bridging them across relevant subject matters,
2) The discussion of mental illness and promotion of OSMH was not at all unwarranted, and I know this same struggle extremely well and advocate for the same discussion myself, but its presentation here was jarring emotionally; I wasn't prepared to jolt so abruptly from programmer quotes to discussion of suicidal ideation. It may warrant an unofficial "trigger warning" of sorts (even if that's just an interstitial slide).
3) As someone who suffers with misophonia, a very strong sensitivity to certain sounds, I would kindly point out that for me, the sounds of the can of soda being sipped were very pronounced. It may be worthwhile to consider switching to a non-carbonated drink like water when giving presentations just to avoid the tendency to smack your lips after taking a sip, as for some people, noises like that get amplified greatly mentally over their actual volume.