In the last decade, APIs have become fundamental to our teams, partners, and customers. While we’d like to believe it all happened as a carefully executed plan, let’s be honest… there’s as much luck as foresight in the mix. Luckily, success drives success so we’ve seen things explode in great ways. Unfortunately, that very success has cost us too.

APIs are becoming a consistent and devastating attack vector for applications that store everything from financial records to passport information to what you’re looking for in a date. In this session, we’ll reconsider some our earliest assumptions and lay out some strategies for bringing our APIs out of the shadows and protecting ourselves, our partners, and our customers.


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Chris Holland at 16:07 on 5 Nov 2022

In Danger style, this talk was insightful, impactful and wildly entertaining. Few people can make #InfoSec riveting like Keith can.

Fun talk with good audience engagement. Was entertaining and informative. Great talk, and great shirts handed out afterwards.