Even in the modern era of web services, at some point in our careers, we come across a need to automate interaction with a web application targeted at human end-users. This need might be for an automated end-to-end test suite, an integration to push data in the absence of a usable API, or a crawler to extract and index data. Meeting such a need requires a deeper knowledge and a special set of skills and tools beyond those that we use to write these applications. Attend this talk for a high-level overview of these, plus some pitfalls and pro-tips, from a two-decade industry veteran and published author in the field.


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Ryan Marks at 14:27 on 5 Nov 2022

Don't walk away from the microphone

Don't ask people to raise their hand if they use a piece of software and then say I'm sorry.

Don't jump back to old slides. If you need to reference an old slide, put a copy of that slide later in your deck.