Slack has become ubiquitous across the tech industry as the de facto platform for company communication and collaboration. Though fundamentally a chat application, Slack itself is also a development platform. In this tutorial, you will learn how to build Slack apps using PHP step-by-step. Slack apps can be created to improve collaboration and workflows at your company or to sell to others. Whether you want to build a chatbot, an interactive set of forms, or something simple to make your workday more efficient, you can leverage the PHP skills you already have, plus some open source software, to build Slack apps quickly.


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Ryan Howe at 17:20 on 3 Nov 2022

Very interesting talk, really enjoyed it. Looking at the interactions I think that a lot of this would be useful implementing something similar in Teams or Discord. Excited to see the implementations though php and am excited to try and implement my own app.

Feedback Points:

1.) Without a locally installed php there was little I could do, with the socket work this could be running in a docker container to allow for more globally runnable code. You could even store the different demos on different branches.
2.) It would be helpful to have the slides available to view and follow along with and to copy things from.

Parth K at 11:38 on 4 Nov 2022

Very interesting, same feedback as Ryan. Did learn a lot!