We all have stories we tell ourselves, about who we are, and what we do, and we believe those stories are static. Stories like "I'm not good at backend", "I can't dance", or "I can’t figure out Vue". When we can recognize those stories, we can also recognize that we are authors, and we can change our own stories. I had my own stories of “I can’t be a developer because I’m not technical enough”, “I’m not good enough at math to be a programmer”, and “I can’t do handstands, because I’m not an athlete”. In this talk, I will encourage people to rethink their personal stories and reimagine their capabilities not only as developers but also as humans with what I learned about changing my stories. I will also cover a framework I came up with for how to change your story.


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Marion Sartor at 14:09 on 4 Nov 2022

Loved it!

Such a good talk about how we can rearrange the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.

Chris Holland at 14:27 on 4 Nov 2022

Wildly inspiring and thought-provoking with principles and practices anchored into a Growth Mindset.

Excellent work Rissa!

This talk took some time to sink in. I thought about my story, and how I want to write my story. Good thought-provoking talk, and good to hear Rissa's story.

Mike Lehan at 06:39 on 10 Nov 2022

The concept of stories was well illustrated, and walked through with clear guidance and (importantly for a topic like this) self-awareness. A good goal for a talk, and well-achieved!

A very eloquent, inspiring, and actionable talk!