If you’re a programmer who has ever found themselves inadvertently (perhaps unwillingly!) straddling the line between design and code, this is the talk for you.

Even with zero design training or background, there are numerous small, simple and practical ways you can vastly improve the look and usability of a website. In this talk, we’ll explore 10 of them together, using research and proven solutions to see how the impact as a whole for both clients and users is greater than the sum of its parts.


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Loved the actionable strategies presented by Hilary. We use may of these practices in our consulting company and I even picked up some additional talking points to use when working with our clients. Valuable info. Thank you!

As a developer who sometimes has to build UI items, this talk was helpful to learn about some helpful practices. It was fun to see the bad examples, and a good demonstration to compare those with well designed sites. Covered lots of helpful material in a condensed format that was easy to learn from.

Parth K at 16:00 on 4 Nov 2022

Really good, precise clear presentation. Learned a lot to take back. Actually felt few of the bad choices we all make.