Having operated in several languages in my career, including C, JavaScript, Java, C# and PHP I've come to appreciate systems and methodologies allowing me to signal my intent and having that intent enforced in near real-time throughout the development cycle, guarding me from making costly mistakes, while increasing my ability to focus on the task at hand with increased productivity.

To fully take advantage of this, we'll explore the following topics:

- Type Systems
- Exceptions
- The value of IDEs with Real-Time Static Analysis
- Test-Driven Development

As we dive into these, the value of intent-signaling will emerge, allowing us to fully tap into the power of the PHP ecosystem as we engineer more robust software.


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Great talk. Two thumbs up!

Cori Lint at 15:22 on 5 Nov 2022

A lot of this is very actionable/applicable in my day to day, thank you!

Adam Kelso at 15:23 on 5 Nov 2022

Nice job, Chris. Enjoyed the code samples and explanation of bubbling exceptions.

Joe Theuerkauf at 15:32 on 5 Nov 2022

Presents a really strong case for adding type *declarations* (not "hints") to all new code and safely to old code. i want my whole team to hear this one. The bare minimum of this thinking would cut down on our dev/QA turnaround.

Really helpful talk that gave me some great tools and some things to look up for myself after the conference. I really appreciated the insight and his speaking/instruction style.